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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Photos Made New

I LOVE old photographs! I love the graininess and the muted colors. I especially love these old photos because these are some of my favorite people in my family. I simply scanned these images into my computer and then used some post-processing to make them really pop!

Grandma in 1961 (her picture hangs in my sewing/crafting room as a source of inspiration)

Grandpa in 1948 (when I tell him that he was handsome he says, "Well, I still am!" He's the cutest old man I know!)

Grandpa & Grandma's Wedding (we have the same anniversary: June 3! They were married 40 years before us, but it's so neat to share their day!)

Great-Grandpa--taken in 1918 (my favorite memory of him is his little butter mint candies he had in his room at the nursing home...oh, and his pipe...oh, and his giant magnifying glass so he could read!)

Grandpa with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma (this was taken in 1946)

And here are a few that were just too grainy for me to edit or I just chose to not edit them. I'm sure more experienced people could edit the grainy ones, but I just left them!

My Grandpa


Other set of Great Grandparents (Wedding picture of 1931)

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